Coroner’s Report: Poem for Tom Sloane

The pessimistic parts of me All thought we were heading For an autopsy You and I In your clinically white bedroom Identifying the cause of death Sharp and sterile And dispassionate Both of us knowing full well What we will find Weighing on the chest cavity, Blocking the throat Heart murmurs but low pressure Slow […]

The Minty Periphery, Part One: Penelope

Have you ever had a connection to someone–any old kind of connection–that you can’t really explain or make sense of, but you can’t seem to shake, either? …Sorry. Let’s start this again. Have you ever tried growing mint? I might not strike most people as the gardening type. And, well, today, as it stands, I’m […]

Please Don’t Make That Gesture

Originally posted on Disrupting Dinner Parties:
Content Note: this post is about personal experiences of self-harm and suicidal thoughts & urges, including detailed descriptions.  Style independently similar to “Please Don’t Call Me Ma’am.” Please don’t make that gesture. You know, the exaggerated one where you pretend you’re cutting your wrists.*  At best, it’s tasteless.  At…

Dear Mercury

Sometimes friendship isn’t complicated. Sometimes it’s as simple as a sandpit on a playground where we were building a village in the dirt. While I built row after row of little round houses, Mercury was building a garden center. We had never met before, and I can still remember her quiet concentration as she transplanted […]