Dispenser II (an updated version of an older poem)

my brain won’t forget the connection
It won’t forget the hurt of ironclad iron curtain indifference
And romantic comedies have told me you should be able to make the difference
For me

La méfiante s’ explique: An Inventory of Doubt

Let’s take stock of the situation. I have spent the day in not-inconsiderable physical pain. I spent the morning asleep and the evening in emotional distress. Yesterday was the same. When I say distress I’m talking hardcore distress. I mean debilitating inertia: zero motivation to move. I mean giving up halfway across my apartment and […]

All This Trouble in the World

I still remember the summer night when I first saw a live band perform up close. It was a few years back, when the Queen’s Hotel was still open on main street, when my parents’ marital status wasn’t constantly being called into question, when the nervous ties to my self-worth were still wound tight around […]