Dear Mercury

Sometimes friendship isn’t complicated. Sometimes it’s as simple as a sandpit on a playground where we were building a village in the dirt. While I built row after row of little round houses, Mercury was building a garden center. We had never met before, and I can still remember her quiet concentration as she transplanted […]

All This Trouble in the World

I still remember the summer night when I first saw a live band perform up close. It was a few years back, when the Queen’s Hotel was still open on main street, when my parents’ marital status wasn’t constantly being called into question, when the nervous ties to my self-worth were still wound tight around […]

A Series of Thoughts About Boys and Men

This is going to be mighty heterocentric, because I can’t speak from any experience about anything else. Hopefully some of the larger concepts here will ring universal, anyway. With that said… boys. From about the sixth grade onward, I refused to call the males my age “boys”, despite that being exactly what they were at […]