To the Very Committed People

Trigger Warning: Contains references to depression and suicide. To the very committed people who have loved me quietly despite my ups and downs and darknesses and distances, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being there, when I know it would have been easier not to be. Thank you for letting me fall […]

Miss Elisabeth Part Two: Shut Up, Feelings Totally Have Colours

I didn’t think this was what I was doing until I did it, but when I cut you out of my life I cut out a lot of noise. I thought I was making myself better by surrounding myself with people like you–people with bright, colourful, impulsive laughter and not quite so much cynicism and […]

“Can we just stop talking about this?”

I can feel whatever strange ties have been holding our friendship together being tugged apart. From my perspective it looks like this is happening because I want to challenge and you don’t. I don’t know how it looks from yours. Maybe you think, as you’ve said before, that I have too many opinions and I […]